QTR-8RC getting different values than it used to

I have been using the QTR-8RC sensor.
The sensor I’m using was giving a fair value but now one of the sensor from the array is giving a fixed value of 8 and another one with a fixed value of 44.
please help me out.


I split your post off into its own topic, since you are getting different behavior.

Can you tell me more about your system? What kind of surface/materials are you sensing? How are you supplying power to the QTR array? What microcontroller are you using? If you are using an Arduino-based microcontroller and our Arduino library for the QTR sensors, which sketch are you running? In either case, can you share a video that shows your system, setup, and the output on the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE?

Also, have you tried switching to other GPIO pins to see if the issue follows the sensors?