QTR-8RC connection pins arduino

So i get the difference between the two modules 8A and 8RC from the description of the product, but when it comes to the connection i get confused, can i connect 8RC to analog pins on the arduino? or i should use digital pins? i’ve seen many tutorial connecting 8RC to analog pins is that possible?
also, which one is faster in response 8A or 8RC if im using arduino with ADC included.


You can use the analog pins as digital inputs on any Arduino board (see the documentation for digitalRead() on the Arduino website).

According to the analogRead() documentation on the Arduino website, it takes about 100 us to read an analog input, so if your Arduino board only has one ADC and you are using our Arduino library for the Pololu QTR Reflectance Sensors (which takes an average of four samples per sensor by default), it would take about 3.2 ms to read all sensors on the QTR-8A. For the QTR-8RC, the read time depends on the time it takes for the sensor circuit to discharge, but the sensors can be read in parallel. If you are using the QTRSensors library, it should take no more than 2.5 ms, which is the default timeout.

- Amanda

Thank you Amanda!