Since QTR-8A has analog output. Can it be used for following blue or other colors line instead of black line? If so, then how can i do that?


Those sensors might work on different colored lines, but it is probably not practical to use them to distinguish between colors and them being analog does not make them more suited to detecting color than the RC version of our QTR sensor. The effectiveness of those sensors for different colors depends on the IR reflectivity and the difference between the reflectivity of your course surface and line, so you will probably just need to test it with your line to see how well it works.


Thank you for clearing alot.
Are you referring to this QTR-HD-07RC. Is it tested for sensing colors? Because I need to follow the blue line in the same way as QTR-8RC follows the black line on white background with the same processing speed.

Which sensor can detect the blue and other color lines on a white or black background? Just like a QTR-8RC can detect a black line on white background, I want to find some sensor which can detect other color lines on white or black backgrounds with the same processing speed as QTR-8RC have.

We do not carry a color sensing version of the QTR sensors, and we have not tested them with colored lines. As I mentioned, you would probably need to test it with your particular lines and course to see how it performs.

The only color sensing device we carry is the Parallax ColorPAL; you would probably need at least a few fo the to do line following properly:

Please note, we have not tested the ColorPal processing speed; you might contact Parallax directly to see what they say.