QTR-8A Sensors array reading on LCD?

i just got my new QTR-8A Sensors array and i was making a Robot for a competition …
i’m using AVR aTmega16A Microcontroller and i’m connecting a LCD to my Robot
how can i use the QTR-8A Sensors array board in my Robot and also show on the LCD the sensors readings
0-5000 and use auto-calibration function ??
sorry i’m new in using libraries and codes … thanks in advance .


Considering you are new to programming, I suggest focusing on getting the QTR-8A sensor array to work first on your robot before working on the LCD.

The PololuQTRSensors library will not work directly with your ATmega16A microcontroller without making a few modifications to the code. You might instead consider reading the outputs of the sensor directly in your code and just looking at the library code as a reference for how to process the readings. If you have any questions about how the sensor functions, I would be happy to help you with them, but since it sounds like you need help mainly with programming your AVR, I recommend posting a request for help on the AVRFreaks forum, as it has a much larger community that focuses specifically on AVRs.

- Amanda