Qtr 8a raw values problem

Hi! We are using qtr 8a as the line sensor for our line follower robot, but we are having problems with the sensor.(We are using Arduino) When we tried the qtraexample.ino it gave random 1000 values at random sensors, then we tried the qtraRAWexample.ino and it only gave the values 368-369 whether we showed the line or not.Please help us


I am sorry you are having trouble using our QTR sensors. Can you tell me more about your system? What kind of surface/materials are you using for your line and course? How are you supplying power to the QTR array? Which Arduino are you using? Can you run the QTRARawValuesExample.ino sketch and share a video of your system running this code as it tries to sense a line? It would help if the video also showed the kind of output you are getting on the serial monitor of the Arduino IDE. Can you also post pictures that show the sensors on your array?


Thank you for spending time to help me but i have solved it, i forgot to write here, the sensor was beneath another thing in the robot car so we couldn’t see the wiring after it was closed and apparently the cable for the 5v pin was connected to the ledon pin so it caused the problem, it’s all okay now.

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