QTR-8A Power supply


I’m building my first (fast) line following robot and I’m using the qtr-8a array. The problem is I decided to use an UBEC to power everything that requires +5v but for some reason I get 5.3v from it. Everything else works apparently fine with this voltage (arduino nano, pololu TB-6612FNG motor driver, IC’s, etc) but when I searched the operating voltage of the reflective sensors I saw that it has to be <= +5v :confused: . Will the qtr-8a work ok with 5.3v? If this is not the case what can I do?

Thank you! :smiley:


The QTR sensors will be fine at 5.3 V.

- Ben

Thank you Ben!
I’ll post some links when I finish the robot. I am quite happy with the pololu components I’m using. Everything is going pretty well so far!

Please do. I’d love to see how it turns out!

- Ben