QTR-1RC/QTR-8RC Calibration

Could you please tell me if there’s any way to store the calibrated values of a QTR-8RC sensor in non-volatile memory (e.g. external eeprom attached to an Arduino), and then reload them again after a power cycle (to avoid re-calibrating each time).
The sensor is being used as part of an encoder wheel, so it’s always used against the same white background and black lines (i.e. the calibrated values should be the same).
Thanks in advance for your help!


Yes, it’s possible. The following forum thread might help get you started (the sample code I wrote is for an Orangutan robot controller, not an Arduino, but it should be similar to what you need.

If you have questions, please ask.

- Ben

Hi Ben,
Great! that’s exactly what I needed.
Thanks very much for your help
Best Regards,