[Q] What are good upgrades from Arduino or Raspberry Pi? A more powerful microcontroller


Arduino is a good microcontroller for DIY and hobby projects. But when you are thinking of making something that has many actuators and sensors and requires very fast processing, then you would need to think of other alternatives. Also, Arduino is not multithreaded (not really a requirement for me).

So, what better microcontrollers that are not very expensive (1000$+) and is used in robotics?

I prefer something that is well supported and has a text-based programming language (Not LabView for myRIO for example).

For a faster processor, some people use a “Teensy” Teensy 4.1 Is the First Arduino-Compatible Board with 100 Mbit Ethernet · Coupled with a 600 MHz 32-bit.

You may also look at other AVR microcontrollers that have more I/O pins.

There are other companies that make micro-controllers, but they may not be programmable with tools (IDE) like arduino.

“Arduino” and “Raspberry Pi” are incomparable products
32K program memory
16 MHz single-core


Raspi 4
2, 4, 8GB DDR4 RAM
1.5GHz quad core

Raspi 3
1.4GHz quad core
64 bit

While the Teensy 4.1 is impressive, RasPis will run circles around it. And since they are running linux, you get multithreading free.
It would be hard to find an “upgrade” of a RasPi3, except for a RasPi4. Both a RasPi3 and a RasPi4 are far more powerful than a Teensy 4.1. Yes, they cost more, but it sounds like <$150 beats <$1000 any day of the week. And yes, the Teensy 4.1 is cheaper, but why bother?