Q about servo pulse resolution on the SVP-1284P

a) What is the resolution? I didn’t see it in any spec. For the Maestro series, the spec says 0.25us.
b) Can it be improved? I don’t have a Maestro (yet), so I don’t have a way to compare, but it just seems that the resolution is poor just based on my observation that the servo is moving in increments of >1 degree.


The Orangutan SVP-1284 uses our Orangutan Servos library, which allows you to set the servo’s target position in units of microseconds. You might be able to write your own function to control servos at a higher resolution, but I do not have any specific recommendations for how to implement it. Also, it is unclear if what you are observing is due to poor resolution. Could you tell me more about your setup? What servo are you using? How are you powering the servo? Could you post pictures of your setup?

- Jeremy