Python IP - Serial tools for pololu

I have been working on some control software for a robot mainly using pololu hardware and have started to build some tools to pass data relevant to pololu servo/motor controllers (and other serial-connected systems like arduino) to/from another process or system via IP

Currently i am generating a “command set” in python that contains the basic data about the command to be sent (directions, speed, device id, etc) , convert it to a list and then pickle it and send it via UDP to a listening system which then depickles it into a list and passes the values to the appropriat function (currently direction/position/speed values for servo and motor controllers)

THis allows me to use wxwidgets and pygame interfaces on a desktop to control a remote robotics platform with an integrated linux system over IP. The current control interfaces are a python/wxwidgets gui (win32/linux) with sliders to control servo speed/position, and a pygame “joystick emulator” which converts mouse X,Y positions into speed/direction commands for a TReX motor controller. Coing soon is a way to send serial data to the control system, and allow local sensor overrides - I have an arduino with a sonar sensor connected via serial as well that is outputting range data.

ANy suggestions