PWM input Voltage level for HD1235MG


I am designing the servo drive circuit for HD1235MG.

I would like to know the Voltage level for the PWM input of HD1235MG.

Can I connect the PWM output from 3.3V MCU directly to the HD1235MG ?

Also, Provide the Interface connector pin details for HD1235MG.

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Hello Siva.

Unfortunately, most servo manufacturers (including Power HD) do not specify the signal voltage ranges, but I just tested a 3.3 V PWM signal on a HD-1235MG servo here and it worked. I would expect a PWM output from your 3.3 V MCU to work as well.

The connector is a female JR style connector. You can find information about the connector’s pinout from the FAQs tab on the product page.


Thanks Patrick

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