Pwm input on servo controller?

i like servo controller products, seem nice product and easy to use, however i see a big limitation because does’t have any PWM input, in models like plane to make gear door sequencer it’s ideal solution, but is required a PWM input as trigger of programmed sequence.
Does exist any solution to manage pwm input on this contoller ?



It sounds like you are talking about our Maestro servo controllers. The Maestro cannot accept an RC signal as an input directly. If you are just trying to trigger something like a sequence of movements from an RC signal you could use an RC switch with digital output, which can read the RC signal and turn it into a digital high or low signal that the Maestro can read from one of its channels configured as an input. This solution requires an RC switch for each signal you need to read and only works for applications that want to use it as a digital input. Another solution would be to add a separate microcontroller, such as an Arduino or one of our Arduino-compatible A-Star controllers. Then, you can use that to process the signal and control the Maestro through TTL serial commands, which can be made easier with the use of our Arduino library for the Maestro servo controllers. For example, you can trigger subroutines that can run through a sequence by using the Restart script at subroutine command or control servo channels with the Set Target or Set Multiple Targets` commands. A description of all of the available serial commands can be found in the “Serial Servo Commands” and “Serial Script Commands” sections of the Maestro User’s Guide.