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PushButton Switches, differences between normal and mosfet versions



In the page: https://www.pololu.com/category/121/pololu-power-switches we see each version of power switches with a mosfet counter part.

what are the differences in terms of application? (besides size and max current)

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The “…MOSFET Slide Switch…” products are meant to be controlled with a latched (non-momentary) switch. The “…Pushbutton Power Switch…” products have a latching circuit on the board and it is possible to use them with a momentary switch.



Hello Nathanb,

I am especially interested in this: when I connect a LiPo or LiIon battery, and if the circuit has some leak, it will totally drain the battery and make it unusable unless some special procedure is done to the battery.

So, if the battery voltage drops below a certain average, will this circuit stop the battery from draining.

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The switches do not draw any significant current when switched off, but it is probably not totally suited for protecting over-discharge since the input voltage at which the switches will turn themselves off is not well defined. If you want to protect your LiPo batteries from over-discharge, we recommend using a dedicated circuit designed for that.