Pushbutton Power Switch LV

Is there a known way to lower the voltage range even further?
In order to operate from a 2xAA setup when using NiMh cells minimum operation voltage would be 1.6V. (My switching power regulator is working down to 1.4V). Ideal would be an operational voltage of 1.4 to 4.2V.

As it is specified on the product page that in “the low-voltage version uses the FDS4465” instead of FDS6679AZ, there might be a type of mosfet i could drop in for this purpose. (i just need to draw 1A max, normally <200mA, so no requirement for a beefy one.)


I moved your post to a new thread. We do not know of anyone modifying the Pushbutton Power Switch to operate at lower voltages. It might be possible to replace the MOSFET to adjust the operating range; however, the rest of the circuit would most likely need to get tuned for the lower voltage as well.

- Jeremy