Pterosaur puzzle

I’m an engineer and do a lot of work with a steel fab shop that laser cuts steel plate. My buddy there wants to build some yard ornament dinosaurs, so I found your page describing the pterosaur puzzle project:

Would it be possible for me to get a copy of the CAD file for that?

We did this one a week or two back:
CAD file from:


Wow, that’s so fun! Unfortunately, we don’t have the CAD file for the pterosaur on our site (also, it wasn’t our file so we wouldn’t be able to give it away anyhow).

If you want a solution NOW, you could try your local Harbor Freight store since they often have wooden dinosaur puzzles. You could probably scan them and trace them by hand or with a tracing program. For example, we would use CorelTrace, which comes with CorelDraw, then put a cleaned up trace through DXFTool for a better-quality DXF, and then we’d tweak the design in CAD to size the tabs and slots properly.

I’m guessing these are the steps you wanted to avoid, so good luck finding some dinosaur puzzle CAD files!

- Candice