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PS2 Controller

Something like this would be great http://www.sedoniatech.com.au/electronics/rc-control/ps2-robot-controller-v3.html

Two analogue joysticks and 16 buttons available is more than most other controller provide
Option for control are endless eg Joystick1 for motion control, Joystick2 + few buttons for arm and gripper, Other buttons to activate sensors, outputs etc

Very Affordable compare to most other RC controllers

With I2C interface and library for easier coding even better as it can communicate with most other platforms/boards


Thank you for the suggestion. Can you tell us how that existing product you linked to does not meet your needs?

- Grant

I do not have but would like to connect one to my Zumobot
2.4ghz controllers are cheap enough but reading the signals is complicated and requires some clever coding.
An I2C interface between the receiver and zumo (or any other arduino device) is all that is needed and with a library would simplify the process so much
I2C is preferred as the Zumo 32u4 uses all pins in its standard configuration and all that functionality can remain intact. Using with other Arduino devices I2C uses less pins and keeps valuable I/O pins available for other uses

Options for use with a zumobot could include:
Joystick 1 - Movement/Movement
Joystick 2 - Pan/Tilt mechanism
Vibrator motors - Collision Feedback
L1/2 - High/Low speed (neither is Mid speed)
R1/2 - gripper open/close
D Pad - Direction/Movement fine control
Circle, Cross, Square & triangle - activate sensors eg line following, edge detection, distance detection etc
Start - Zumo Reset button
Select -

Thanks for the additional details; we’ll look into it.

- Grant