Projector Project

I have an Optoma projector (Optoma W311 3D WXGA 3200 lumens) that I want to start playing videos without me being present (Halloween/Christmas videos). The project has a “direct power on” feature that will turn the project on, but to play input from the HDMI port, you then need to press the power button on the remote to send an IR code or press the top of the projector. I want an IR blaster than can do that for me on a schedule.
When I want the presentation to end, the projector has an “auto power off” feature that will power down the projector when the input source ends. All I need to do is to put my video player on a smart plug, have the plug turn off when I want it to, and 5 minutes later the projector will power down.
So my only challenge is getting the projector to start the presentation on its own – by sending the IR codes that the remote would if I was there and pressed it.

If anyone is interested in helping, I’ll be happy to pay you for your time. I have very little skills in this area so I will likely need a plug and play solution.

Best regards,