Programming the new A-Star 328PB with the Arduino IDE?

I have installed the Boards (ver 3.1.0) add-on into my Arduino IDE (V1.8.4).
It seems to be working correctly. However, the only extension that I have been able to guess is Serial1.

Can you point me to any documentation listing the other ATMEGA328PB/Arduinio extensions that may be included in your add-on.
For example how do I access the additional “328PB” GPIO PE3/PE2 (A6/A7)?

Regards, Martin

I read somewhere that until its coded, you’ll have to either modify the existing files, or you can implement them manually.

SPI and UART arent too hard to code by hand, but its probably easier to make an addon library of the copied arduino code and just change the ports.

Hello, Martin.

You can access the new pins PE0/SDA1, PE1/SCL1, PE2/A6, and PE3/A7 the same way you would access any other GPIO pins, using pinMode, digitalWrite, digitalRead, and analogRead (for the analog-capable pins). For more information, see the recently-added “ATmega328PB support in the Arduino IDE” section in the Pololu A-Star 328PB User’s Guide.


Thank you David,

Appreciated, ~M~