Programming the board

I need some help on how to load programs onto the board using winavr & avr studio
It says cant find supported board * avr studio


It would help if you were more specific. There’s quite a bit of information in the Orangutan programmer user’s guide; have you looked at that?

- Jan

I tried that…
I am trying to run the melodies sample code on my Orangutan x2 board. When i am to select a debug platform and device I clicked AVR Simulator>ATmega644 (also tried atmega 168 in the documentation). I built the program and everything. The problem occurs when I try to connect to board using CON. I tried everything in the menu from AVR ISP II to AVR 600 and 500. The result ends in a failed communication.

My board is well powered up with lights and everything. Connected to my computer. Does it upload through the USB connection?


Are you putting your X2 into programming mode by first holding the reset button for .5 seconds (until the yellow LED turns on and the X2 beeps)? You need to have AVR Studio set for the ATmega644 and you want to connect to your X2’s COM port using “STK500 or AVRISP”. Make sure you’ve installed the CP2102 drivers and verify that you can see the X2 listed under your device manager’s COM ports. If the drivers are correctly installed, you will see the green LED by the reset button turn on when the X2 is connected to your computer via the USB cable.

- Ben

Thanks I wasnt in programming mode

Are there any other X2 examples except the melodies example?

There’s the test code, which uses a lot of the Orangutan X2 hardware.

- Jan