Programming Due with Wixel

I can get a wixel to communicate from a Arduino Due via serial monitor, but it will not program the Due. It works fine with a MEGA. Is programming a due with a Wixel possible ?


The Arduino Due uses a different chip than the Mega and we haven’t investigated if the bootloader on the SAM3X8E allows reprogramming via the serial communication lines. Also, you should not exceed 3.3V on the I/O lines of the Arduino Due as it might cause permanent damage to the board.


I am trying to program a Due with the Wixels as well. Have you found out whether the bootloader on the SAM3 allows reprogramming via the serial lines? If you haven’t tried yet, are there any plans to do so? Thanks.


Hello, Carl.

We have not heard of a way, and there are no current plans of finding one.

- Jeremy