Programming ATTiny devices + debugwire

I’m currently using the Pololu AVR USB programmer to program Attiny84 chips and it works quite well. However I am interested in doing some source level debugging if possible. Watching LEDs flash and sending debug out the serial port works but it is less than optimal.

I use Atmel Studio 6 and C. I am looking at the Attiny1634 in particular which says it supports debugwire. Is there a good low cost programmer/debugger (similar to the pololu) that will allow me to program the chip and then enter into a debug mode to step through the C code, set breakpoints, etc? I’d like it to be as seamless as possible, doing it all from Atmel Studio. Anyone have any suggestions? … debugwire/
clone programmer that I haven’t tried: … th=110_161
Since the debugwire protocol is proprietary, it is probably not a good idea to buy a clone. It may not work correctly in all cases.

Thanks for the links Jim, but to answer my own question, I think the AVR dragon is what I’m looking for. Mouser has them for $53, same place I am ordering the Xbee modules from. Looks like with the right sequence in Atmel Studio, it will do what I want.