Programming and cotrolling virtual robots

Hello Robotics enthusiasts,

We are currently working on an online multi player game in which players program virtual robots that will then fight each other in a simulated virtual world. The robots cannot be controlled directly during the fight, their performance will depend solely on your programming skills. You have to code your way to victory.

It’s a web-based platform so you’ll be able to play it directly from your browser any time you want.

The platform is called Hack Arena and it will work similar to a sports league. You’ll be able to participate in tournaments as well as in friendly matches against other players. You will have the chance to turn your hobbies into a hardcore action sport. Even engineers can become athletes :slight_smile:

We really want to hear your opinion about this concept. Looking forward to receiving your feedback.


The Hack Arena team

If the mechanics of the robot is fixed in the simulation, everyone has an identical robot then VERY soon a winning strategy will be found.

The game will become quite dull after every player implements this.

The way to eliminate this problem is to make the winding strategy very hard to find by making your simulated robot very complex. Place fuses in the power supply that blow based on a realistic current vs. time profile, make the battery have limited power and most of the equipment instrumented and abilto to be powered off and on. Now you have a complex power management problem where turning off a sensor gives power to the motor but maybe to don’t se something.

The trouble with complex robots is the limited number of people with the required skill to program at that level.

I would not want to place much effort in programing your simulation because the time is better spent programming a real robot. You could address that issue by making your robot generic enough that I could re-use the code I wrote in your game in my real robot. Or better use your game as a test environment. THEN I’d be motivated.

But HOW to make your game code able to be back ported to a real robot?