Programming A-Star in AVR Studio 6.2

So far I have been using the Baby-O with AVR Studio 6.2 with the Pololu programmer

As I do not use the 1A outputs very often I was looking into the A-Star Micro

In the user guide there is a section about programming

  • Using Arduino IDE
  • Using AVR Dude

As the A-Star micro has the ISP headers available I wonder why there is not a reference to programming it with AVR Studio 6.2 and an AVRISP programmer.

Is this still possible or did I miss something?


Yes, the A-Stars can be programmed with an AVR programmer, which is mentioned under the “Connectors” heading in “A-Star 32U4 Micro pinout and components” section of the A-Star 32U4 User’s Guide. Since you already have our Pololu AVR Programmer, you should be able to program the A-Star microcontrollers with it. You can look at the “Programming AVRs Using Atmel Studio 6” section of the AVR Programmer’s user’s guide for details on how to use your programmer to program the ATmega32U4 on the A-Star microcontrollers.

- Amanda

Great, in that way I can stick to AVR Studio