Programmer for Baby-o

I have this USB programmer:
USBasp AVR Programming Device for ATMEL proccessors

Will this work with the Baby-O? Or do I need to get the Pololu USB programmer?




The Baby Orangutan gives direct access to the on-board ATmega328p’s serial programming lines, so you do not need a special programmer for it. If the programmer you linked to is really a general-purpose AVRISP progrogrammer, it should work with the Baby Orangutan. However, that programmer uses the older-style 10-pin ISP header, so you will need an adapter to connect it to the Baby Orangutan’s 6-pin ISP header. Also, make sure you remove jumper J1 on your programmer so that it isn’t trying to power the Baby Orangutan’s VCC line.

- Ben

If you look at the product photo, the supplied programming cable is wired to provide both the 10- and 6-pin female connectors. Seems like a good deal.

Thanks for catching that, Jim.

- Ben