Programmer connection on expansion board

I recently purchased a no cut-out expansion board for my 3pi and was thinking about removing the 2x3 connection on the main board to feed up to the top board. Is there an easy way to confirm if the hole locations in the main board actually line up with holes on the expansion board? I kind of wanted to know if it is actually possible with straight pins before I get the materials and sweat the connection off. If they don’t line up, I’m assuming I can snag the necessary connections from the middle (pb3, 4, 5, pc6, vcc and ground). Thanks.


Unfortunately, the holes in the expansion board do not line up with the programming header on the 3pi. You could certainly get the necessary connections from the middle for making your own header, but you might just want to try using the regular connector on the 3pi’s main board, as it is close to the edge and should still be fairly accessible even with the expansion board attached.

- Kevin

Thanks for the reply. I’ll just plug it straight in then.