Programmable robotic cooking machine

Hi all,

We’re writing to get some feedback on a programmable robotic cooking machine we recently built. It’s designed to automate cooking for a certain class of foods - anything that has heating and / or stirring - think stir fry, curry, chili, chowder, etc. Website here:

Direct link to a few videos:

This started out as a home project but we’ve been getting a lot of interest in the device. We’re shipping our first units to beta testers over the next few week and looking for any general feedback people might have. Thanks!


That looks like a really cool project! Thank you for sharing it. By the way, did you use any Pololu parts in it?


Yes, a handful of the electronics are Pololu products. Thanks!

We are interested in adding your project to our Community Projects page. It would be great if you could share more details about the cooking machine, like what Pololu parts you used.