Programmability of the Micro 6

I would like to know whether you can use the firmware upgrade bootloader to upload custom code, and be able to revert it to original. The 18f14k50 with the surrounding hardware would make a sweet USB HID development platform. I know that I could just connect a Pickit2 to it, but I’d rather use a bootloader and be able to reflash the original firmware.

Hello, Darth Maker.

You can put your own program on the Maestro by getting it to bootloader mode and then basically following the instructions we have for a different product (steps 7-12 in particular):
But in step 9, you should send a lower-case “u” instead of an “s”. After that, you can just send your hex file. Then send “*” to restart (it can be more convenient than cutting power).

The bootloader takes up the first 4k of flash, so you need to modify your linker script. Also, don’t forget to clear the watchdog timer frequently.

Let us know if that wasn’t clear enough or if you have any other questions!


Ok, thanks for the info. This project isn’t going to happen any time soon, but when it does, I guess I’ll just have to disable that there watchdog.