Programing an AVR with USB AVR Programmer v2

Hey , first time posting here . I’m trying to program an ATMega328P using the USB AVR Programmer v2 . I have installed the drivers and the development kit and i guess i did everything right .

I’m powering the uC from the 5V and GND pins of an arduino ( first thing that could give me 5V)
In the pictures you can see the programmer and how i connected the pins.
( White - RST - 1 , Black - GND - 8 , Yellow - SCK - 19 , Blue - MOSI - 17 , Orange -MISO - 18 , Red - VCC - 7 )
I have tryed with a 10K ohm resistor from reset to gnd but to no avail.

I really do not understant what is happening or what i’m doing wrong.

52995465_1521983654598776_4390749722445348864_n 52999840_1521984217932053_8045147956489224192_n


I moved your post to our Other Pololu products subforum, which seemed more appropriate.

Which IDE are you using to program your ATmega328P chip (e.g. Atmel Studio 7)? Can you run the Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2 Configuration Utility after a failed programming attempt and post a screenshot of it here? Can you also post a better picture clearly showing the connections between the AVR programmer and the ISP cable?

- Amanda

I’m indeed using Atmel Studio 7…
As stated before White - RST - 1 , Black - GND - 8 , Yellow - SCK - 19 , Blue - MOSI - 17 , Orange -MISO - 18 , Red - VCC - 7
Other than this i dont understand what else should i send :frowning:

The ISP frequency set in the configuration utility seems fine, so I suspect there’s something wrong with the physical connections between the AVR programmer and your ATmega328P chip. Can you check for shorts or disconnections in the ISP programming lines by doing a continuity test between the ISP pins on the programmer (access from the bottom-side of the board) and the associated pins on the ATmega328P chip?

Have you ever been able to program your ATmega328P chip? Can you describe the LED behavior before and after programming your chip? If you have another chip, can you try programming it and see if anything changes? If you have another programmer, can you try programming the ATmega328P chip(s)?

- Amanda