Program Zumo with ArduBlock

Has anyone tried programming the Zumo from ArduBlock? I’d love to use this with my kids as a transition to programming, especially since ArduBlock supports SCoop / Events. There are sections for the Adafruit Motorshield (DC Motor Forward & Backward) as well as Makeblock and LittleBits motor, but no Zumo. I didn’t know if it were possible to hack some of the existing blocks to work, or if I’d have to make my own blocks.


That looks like a cool programming environment for younger programmers. I do not know anything about the process of making a block for ArduBlock, so I do not know if you can alter an existing block to make things like the motor drivers work for the Zumo. I suspect you would need to make a block for those things specifically. I did see that support for PWM output seemed to be missing from within the pins menu, which might make it hard to control motor drivers. If you build some blocks for the Zumo, we would love to hear more about them.