Program needed

I am working on a project that requires 2 servos to be controlled by a pic chip. I am a total virgin when it comes to servos or programming, but I do understand circuits and diagrams. If you can imagine a circle were zero is in the 12 oclock position. Both servo would start at 0 degrees then the code would tell one servo to go to 315degrees and simultaneously tell the other servo to go to 45degrees,when both servos have moved to the required positions, they would then be instructed to go back to 0degrees and then repeat this motion over and over.

This project would be very easy with a Pololu Orangutan or an Arduino, as free C/C++ program development packages and many examples of servo control programs are available. Not so easy with a PIC, unless you are comfortable with assembly language programming or can afford to buy a development package for higher level languages.

Hi Jim, Thanks for your quick reply. To be truthful, i dont have the time or the enthusiasm for this massive learning curve, and i will only use programming for this particular job. My moto is each to their own and my time is better spent doing other things that i enjoy. Just the same as i would not learn the art of plastering to plaster one wall. In saying that, i must point out that i have the up most respect and admiration for the people who have taught themselves different things such as programming and plastering.
I do not expect something for nothing, so therefore i am will to pay for a solution, ideally pic chip based because i want to be able to make the circuit as small as possible. I have the ability to burn hex files onto a pic chip, but thats about my limit. One thing i did not mention in the intial post is ideally it should take approximately one second for thr servos to go to their first positions then one second for them to return, this should be a continuos loop. The intial motion will be started by pressing a button and the end would be signalled by pressing the same button. If anybody capable of producing this circuit/program is interested please PM me. Thanks