Program Compiler

What compiler works best for C++? :question: I got a demo version of one and it only changes it into .BAK files. PLEASE HELP

sincerely Aunonomous


If you went to a car dealership and asked “What car works best? I tried one once and couldn’t figure out how to start it,” they probably would not let you get near any of their cars. When you ask a question like that, you make it sound like you are very confused and definitely not at all ready to do what you are trying to do. Nobody here is going to give you a personal tutorial on C++ when there are so many great resources online.

Is this a question about the 3pi? If so, you should say that! The compiler we all use for AVRs is in the AVR-GCC (or WinAVR) package. But you should get started by going through the examples in the Pololu AVR Library with C, not C++, and only after you are quite comfortable with C should you try getting in to C++. If you are not asking about the 3pi, you should definitely not be posting this in the 3pi support forum.