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Product end-of-life availablity

Alternate product?

Seem to be collecting end-of-life for products I need to design with. Now looking for a 3 volt input / 12 volt output step up boost. Current choice is flagged as “Not recommended for new designs”. I hate when that happens.

Can also use a 3 volt to 32 volt step up as an LED driver and cannot locate.


For the existing regulator, I assume you are talking about this one:

Unfortunately, the main chip on that regulator got discontinued, which is the reason for the NRND status. We should still be able to make tens of thousands of units with the last of the components we ordered, which I expect to last us around a year (it’s difficult to forecast since we are trying to move people away from this product). We do not have a replacement with the same size yet, but we will be working on it in the next several months. We do have other boost regulators for 3V to 12V, but they are larger.

I will look into higher-voltage boost regulators. What kind of current do you need? If you need a modest quantity (at least a hundred units or so), we should be able to modify this regulator for a fixed 32V output:

Would that be useful to you?

- Jan

Very, very nice, Jan. Thanks. Yes, it would be useful. Size isn’t as important as designing freedom since I can adapt to some variables like that sort of adjustment. The chief design question is supply in the near future and a few hundred for now would be fine. Chances are there will be reiterations after that and I can BOM the new ones about that time.

Thanks again.


Please email us if you would like to proceed with the modified regulators. We can usually do it quicker, but you should give us about 4 weeks in case your requests comes right when we are out of bare boards and we have to order more of those.

- Jan

Of those you expect to last about a year - could I buy ten right now? Probably more in the next few weeks. I can redraft the schematic later with larger outline version if that is what you meant. As for current, I’d need about 750 mA pulse.

You can view the available stock on our website (565 pieces of the NRND item #2117 at this moment) and order whenever you like. However, if the 750mA you need is on the output after boosting from 3V to 12V, you will need a substantially more powerful unit. With 100% efficiency, you would need 3A on the input side. With an actual efficiency of around 90%, your input current will be over 3.3A. This would be the best option we carry:

We are working on a smaller unit that should support up to a 4A input current, but that likely won’t be available until early 2020.

- Jan

Wow. Thanks very much, Jan. I ordered a dozen of the small ones yesterday for workbench trials of my device, and I’ll very likely go with your recommendation when we get closer to reiterating the thing for field testing. The U3V70F12 sounds very good, but now you’ve wet my interest for a smaller version next year.