Problems with Mini Maestro 18

Recently I ordered the Mini Maestro.
I have connected it as described:

  • first installed the software
    -the USB cable connected to recognize the controller and then pulled out again.
    -on the Maestro card I connected the servos correctly (3 pieces)
  • then the power supply connected to the Maestro (6Volt)
  • when I connect the USB cable back, I get smoke from the chipset and USB connection on the Maestro card.
    But the worst of all … my computer does not work anymore !!
    Everything was connected as described … what is happening here and how can I solve that?

Hello, Pascal.

I am sorry to hear that your computer is not working. I’ve emailed you to ask for some troubleshooting information, your salesorder number, and clarification on the extent of the damage to your computer.