Problems with Baby Orangutan


I recently bought a Baby Orangutan 328p, at first I had problems upploading programs with a USB AVR Pololulu, but today I made it.

The problems is that I tried to uppload with Arduino IDLE, the blink example and it was uppload but It doesnt do anything.


Can you turn on the verbose output in the Arduino IDE and post the output that you get at the bottom of the IDE after trying to upload the Blink sketch to the Baby Orangutan? You can turn on verbose output by selecting File->Preferences in the IDE, and then checking the “compilation” and “upload” boxes next to “Show verbose output during:”. Also, can you post screenshots of the IDE’s Tool menu showing your board, port, and programmer selections and your Device Manager with the “Ports (COM & LPT)” entry expanded?

You said you were able to successfully upload programs before with the AVR programmer. What changed in your setup between when your programmer worked and now?

- Amanda