Problems uploading example program to Zumo32u4

Hello, I followed the instructions from the website for the Zumo 32u4 but I can’t seem to upload any type of program. I already followed the manual instructions from Github. I am using Arduino 1.6.11

The error keeps showing "Error compiling for board Pololu A-star 32u4
What seems to be the problem, did I miss anything?

Other than that, when I connect the Zumo 32u4 and I look at the port through the device manager, it shows that the port is labeled as Arduino Leonardo (COM9)
Why is it Arduino Leonardo?


The Zumo 32U4 and the Arduino Leonardo use the same microcontroller, so it is similar enough that you can upload to your Zumo by pretending its an Arduino Leonardo in the Arduino IDE. However, once you upload a sketch to the device that way, your computer will then recognize it as a Leonardo in the Windows Device Manager, so it seems like that might have happened with your board at some point.

Could you enable verbose output from the Preferences menu in your Arduino IDE (if you have not already) and then post the error message you receive when you try to compile the example program?

- Patrick