Problems about programs in atmel studio

Only some example programs work, even if it should work for 3pi robot. If I load some programs the LCD shows again the last program ( I pushed also the reset button ). Why?


When you run a program that does not use the LCD, it will not clear the LCD, so if something is left over from another program it will stay there until the 3pi is power cycled.


It happens also for example programs where it is necessary to use the LCD .

If you power cycle the 3pi after programing it with the new example, does it behave as expected?


No,they do not. However I managed to program only the program about pushbutton 1, lcd 1 and 2, lcd bello world and blink led

Can you describe what is happening when you upload those examples (e.g. are you seeing any error messages or confirmation of uploads)? Also, can you post a video showing your whole process of uploading the “hello world” example and what happens on the 3pi, so we can get a better idea of what you are doing?


When I upload those example programs anything new happens. There are the videos about uploading lcd hello world , infortunately I had to cut the wole video for memory.

From your video, I do not see anything other than normal expected behavior. You appear to have leftover text displayed from the Demo program at the start, and then when you load the hello world example, it changes to the expected hello world display. This is normal. If you power cycle the 3pi robot after the hello world example is loaded, what do you see on the display?

If something else is happening that you think is not correct, can you try uploading a longer video to a video hosting website (like YouTube or Vimeo) that shows the problematic behavior and posting a link to it?


That was one of the well working programs. Instead the programs such as those regarding the motors do not work. When I upload those programs anything new happens, the past program remains

It is difficult to make any determinations or have any specific suggestions without a lot more detailed information from you. Which specific example are you unable to upload? What do you expect to happen when you run that example and what is actually happening? Are you getting any error messages in Atmel Studio, and if so, what exactly do they say? Also, what version of Atmel Studio are you running?