Problem with Windows 7 + avrdude + USB AVR Programmer + Arduino


I’m trying to flash a arduino with it in windows seven (all instalation was good) but i’m getting the error “avrdude: stk500_getsync(): not in sync: reap=0x00”

The red line is in pin 1.

Any idea? anyone found and tutorial for this?


Hello, TigPT.

I removed your post from the topic you originally posted it in because that post was about Linux, not Windows.

Please confirm that you have the Pololu USB AVR Programmer and not some other programmer.

Make sure that your Arduino is powered before your try to program it, and that you have given AVRDUDE the correct arguments: we have a brief page on using avrdude + USB AVR Programmer that explains what the arguments mean.

If that doesn’t work, then please post the command line you typed to invoke avrdude, and the entire output from avrdude.


Also, what is the red line and what is pin 1?