Problem with USB Orangutan Programer!

Hello to the community, after a while I make a new project with my 3pi, I see that my program does not stop flashing red light and did not recognize the connection. I have reinstalled but the problem continues, my system is Windows XP.
Someone knows why this happen?



Can you confirm which of our programmers you have? Is it our Orangutan USB programmer (with the code “PGM02” written on the bottom copper) or our USB AVR programmer (with the code “PGM03A” written on the bottom silkscreen)?

For both programmers, a flashing red LED means that the programmer is not detecting target power. Is your 3pi turned on when you’re trying to program it?

- Ben

Hi, thanks for the answer!

Well the code is PGM02, and the red light keeps flashing, and to compile a program does not recognize the USB Program, may be corrupt?
The 3pi if lit.

I have to configure anything else in the AVR Studio?


Has the programmer ever worked for you before, and if so, what happened between when it last worked and when it first stopped working? Do you have it plugged into your 3pi and is your 3pi turned on (i.e. do you see both blue power LEDs lit up on the 3pi)?

- Ben


Yes, I was working normally on the same computer as 4 months, the 3pi catches normally but the USB Program keeps flashing red light goes off when I turn on the 3pi connected to it, but when compiling the program from AVR Studio I did not recognize.

Can not be happening. :frowning:

Thanks for the help.

I don’t understand what you mean by “the 3pi catches normally” or “but when compiling the program from AVR Studio I did not recognize”.

Does your 3pi appear to be functioning properly (e.g. is it still running the last program you put on it)? Please confirm that you see both blue LEDs light up when you turn the 3pi on, and please use a multimeter to verify that VCC on the 3pi is reading close to 5V.

Can you try to reflash your programmer’s firmware by following the steps in section 8 of the user’s guide?

- Ben

Hello! Sorry for my bad English.

If the 3pi on normally blue LEDs turn on, and if the voltage is 5V.

I should do?

Now there was another problem that my friend misplaced the display, but not correctly put it on. Can be recovered or is damaged?


The LCD is probably damaged, but I think there’s a good chance that the 3pi itself is okay. You should be able to fix it by replacing the LCD with a new one (you will also need to get special headers so that you can plug it into your 3pi’s LCD port).

I don’t know what is wrong with your programmer, but I suggest you get one of our newer (and much better) USB AVR programmers and see if that works for you. If you email us directly and mention this thread, we should at least be able to get you a discount on a new programmer.

- Ben