Problem with specs

“Rated Voltage” is 2.8V in the “electrical specifications” at the top right of the sheet…
Below that is “Pull out torque curve” with voltage of 24VDC.
Before I spend any money on something I want to experiment with, I’d like some “hard facts”!
…What’s wrong…?


There is nothing wrong with the datasheet. It is common for stepper motors to be powered through a current limiting driver (not directly) from sources with voltages higher than their rated voltage. As long as the driver current limit is set correctly, you do not have to worry about damaging the motor. You can even get some benefits from doing so, such as higher step rates. You can find more information about that on the stepper motor’s product page under the “FAQs” tab.

- Patrick

Thank you, Patrick!

I want to set up an X-Y table to move work under an EDM… …Just in the “research phase”.

You have been a great help. If there is anyone else working on such a project, that may be of help as well.