Problem with "Pololu RC Switch with Medium Low-Side MOSFET"

I have a Pololu RC Switch with Medium Low-Side MOSFET hooked up to a RC receiver. when i turn the system on while sending the channel that the switch is hooked up to a 988 pulse (below the on threshold), the device behaves as expected - it indicates that it is in the off state by briefly pulsing the LED. however, when i send the device a 2012 pulse (above the on threshold), rather than switching the mosfet on, the device goes into “safe-start” mode. i can not make the device engage the mosfet. what am i doing wrong?

send help, please! this little switch is central to my project!


As mentioned in the RC switch user’s guide, if you try activating the switch and the board goes into safe-start mode, you probably have a power issue. You can verify this by removing the load and seeing if the switch is able to turn on the MOSFET without entering safe-start mode. If it does turn on without a load, you might consider using a separate logic power supply or adding a capacitor between GND and VCC.

- Jeremy

i must have missed that part of the manual. ill reread it and try the capacitor thing. thanks for your help!

hey thanks jeremy! the capacitor did the trick - everything is working great!