Problem with new A*328PB Micro and USB AVR v2

Soo, Just soldered together my new A* 328PB Micros, quite happy with them! But I noticed a weird error with them, when you connect them to the Pololu USB AVR Programmer v2 over ISP, it doesnt work properly. On the programmer, the red light flashes and the yellow power lights sporadically flash too and when the yellow ones briefly pulse, the blue led on the A* briefly pulses too (Not powering up).
TESTING (On 3 boards):
I tested the v2 ISP on an arduino nano and it worked fine, and the v2 worked on the A* by programming over the TTL serial port.
Tested my (Favorite, pls make one of your own! ^_^) USBtinyISP on the A* and that one worked no problem as well.
So this isnt really critical personally as I have many ways to program the thing, but I have to wonder why the ISP on the USB v2 doesnt work with the new A*'s?


This is a known issue when trying to power the A-Star from the programmer. (The capacitance on the A-Star’s VCC line causes the programmer’s logic power to drop enough to cause a brownout when the programmer tries to turn on its VCC output.) Can you confirm that’s what you’re trying to do and that everything works when you power the A-Star separately?


Well thats weird, today they all work perfectly fine O.o
But yeah, that makes sense and I’ll keep that in mind if it happens in the future!