Problem with item #1442

Hi, I am using 2 motors 19:1 Metal Gearmotor 37Dx52L mm with 64 CPR Encoder for my balancing robot.

I recently noticed that 1 of my Mosfets IRFZ46N (part of a h bridge which feeds both motors connected in parallel to it) recently began to heat very quickly after mostors started working.

So i feed each motor independently and realized that one of the motors was causing the overheating. In fact after realizing this I noticed that this motor presents a considerable resistance to movement. unlike the other.

I tried oiling the shaft, but nothing. I have to add that it seems this was a problem which gradually increased in time (even if connected in parallel they didnt exactly behave the same).

I am out of ideas, any suggestion you could provide me will be more than welcome.



How do you have the motors mounted? Can you remove any mounting screws and measure the current draw of each motor when powered directly from your battery?

Some variance in motors is normal, so this is not necessarily an indication of a problem. You should not expect two motors behave exactly the same, even if they are the same model.

- Ben