Problem with Eclipse one-click wixel load - SOLVED

I’ve run into a potential problem with the Eclipse ‘one-click’ load batch command. When I execute

make load_io_repeater_out

from a DOS command box, the load to the wixel takes place normally. However, when I attempt to load this same project from Eclipse using load.bat, I get the following:

make: *** No rule to make target `load_io_repeater_out’. Stop.

I have been using the ‘load.bat’ feature for some time on other apps, so I’m not sure what is going on - any ideas


The problem was due to having multiple projects open in the Eclipse workspace. The Load.bat batch working directory was aimed at one project, and my ‘io_repeater_out’ app was in the other. I didn’t realize this until I removed the other project from the workspace and got a different (and more informative) error message. Once I changed the working directory for the ‘external command’ (load.bat), via the ‘External Tools Configuration’ dialog, all was well.