Problem with balboa 32u4 2 wheels board usb not reconized

I have a problem with my balboa board , all works fine made some test, then suddunly my pc didnt reconize the board anymore. In the arduino ide the port is grayed .
Operating system: windows 10
Leds in the board: yellow(near usb) works fine
Blue led whenn batteries: ok
The other LEDs only the red one ist working (is blinking )
I tried many other computers same problem


I am sorry you are having connection problems between your computer and the Balboa 32U4 board. What changed between when the board was working with your computer and now? Can you try pressing the reset button twice (within 750ms), which should make the Balboa go into bootloader mode, and see if a port shows up in your Device Manager? If it does, can you try one of the revival methods described in the “Reviving using the Arduino IDE” section of the Balboa 32U4 Balancing Robot User’s Guide and let us know the result?

By the way, there is no yellow LED near the USB connector, only the blue and green power LEDs, which are described under the “LEDs” heading in the “User interface” section of the user’s guide.

- Amanda