Problem with AVR USB Programmer

We have two AVR USB Programmer.

All drivers are latest, both devices programmed with 1.05 firmware, Microsoft .NET Framework 3.5 also installed.

  1. We try use Programmer with AVR Studio 4 on Atmega128 board. Studio is not see Programmer (but another programmers, from Olimex, work without problem). Now this function not need for us, we don care about.
  2. Also, in Windows “Device manager”, “TTL Serial Port” labeled with “yellow asterisk” (device is can not be used, code 10). Now this function EXTREMELY NEEDED!
  3. Work only SLO-scope. (Good stuff!)

Platform: WinXP Pro, SP2.

Tel me, please, what I do wrong?!

Hello, Mozhay.

I recommend upgrading to SP3 to get a version of the usbser.sys driver that will work with this programmer. Please see this note in the “Installing Windows Drivers and Software” section of the programmer’s user’s guide:

There is more info in the FAQ also:


Hi, from Russia again…

SP3?! - Very bad…
We have some specific software-hardware complexes, that not support SP3.

Can we somehow try to install neded software USB parts of SP3 distributive?

Hello, Mozhay.

If SP3 is not an option you can try installing Hotfix KB918365 from Microsoft, but it might not work for you.

If that doesn’t work, then I can tell you how to install a different firmware on the programmer that will work with SP2, but you would have to give up the SLO-scope and TTL serial port as long as that firmware is loaded.


Hi, from Russia again…

I’m install Hotfix KB918365 and “TTL serial port” work on “all money”!!! Hurray!!!
Programmer not tested, but i don’t care about it…

Thanx for your advice!