Problem with accelerometer data zumo v1.2

Hello, I am using the pololu zumo v1.2 for a school project. I am trying to use the accelerometer LSM303, but i’m having problems. The magnetometer data displays as expected when running the example serial program, but the accelerometer data on x, y and z axis all display -32760. I have tried powering down the robot and removing batteries, but it still displays -32760 on the accelerometer axes. The I2C adresses that the arduino finds is 0x1d and 0x6b. Does anyone have any suggestions on what to try?


Can you confirm specifically which example program you are using? Is it the “Serial” example from our LSM303 library, and have you made any modifications to it?

- Patrick

Yes, it’s the serial example program from the Pololu LSM303 library without any modifications.

Has your accelerometer always behaved like this? Could you email your order information to us at and reference this thread?

- Patrick

The zumo robot is the school’s, so I don’t have any order information. It has been used by other students before me. I don’t know if they have expirenced issuses, but with me it has always behaved like this.

Unfortunately, it appears that your Zumo shield’s accelerometer is damaged, and that is probably not practical to repair. Since we test every Zumo Shield we make and other students have used this Zumo before you, it seems likely that it was working at some point. However, it is easy to damage electronics like this in a variety of ways, including accidentally applying stray voltages or even something as simple as electrostatic discharge (ESD). In the case of the accelerometer and other MEMS (micro-electromechanical system) components, a hard physical impact, like dropping the robot, might damage it too.

- Patrick