Problem with 3pi and the Orangutan USB programmer PGM02B


This is my first post. I bought the 3pi robot and the PGM02B programmer and i have one BIG problem.

I installed the program without problems, compile the examples and generate the hex file, but when I try to programm the robot I have some errors (please see the attached files).

When I program the robot, the power supply and the and blue LEDs are shut down. Yesterday, The robot worked perfectly (without program) but now does nothing.

Where’s my problem? In the 3pi robot or in the Programmer? Both components are new.



You should definitely not try to program your 3pi when it is turned off. Can you program it when it is turned on? If you don’t get the blue LEDs to turn on, your batteries might be dead or you might have a short from one of the power rails to ground.

- Jan

Hi Jan, Thanks for your reply.

The battery iis new. I will always try to programm the robot with the power on, but when I push the button to programm, the power of the robot turns off.

I can’t have one short to ground, because the robot is new and the original programmation worked well. Now don’t work.

If internal FUSES are cleared, can I activated?


You definitely should not touch the fuses unless you know what you are doing (and even then, there’s not much reason to do so on the 3pi). It is very strange for a programming attempt to turn off the robot, and in general, the most likely cause of power shutting off on its own is low power. Can you measure the batteries or try another set?

If that’s not the problem, we probably won’t be able to figure it out long distance, so you would have to send the units back to us to evaluate.

- Jan

Hi Jan!

you’re right, was possibly using some batteries were discharged. Now I’m using a rechargeable Ni-MH batteries of 1A/Hour and the power NOT TURN OFF when I attempt to programm.

Exist any solution to solve my problem?

So, the robot stays on now, but you still can’t program it?

By the way, capacity is amps times hours (Ah) not amps divided by hours (A/h).

- Jan

Yes, the power is OK, but cannot program it.

In that case, you should probably send it back to us. If you ordered it directly from us, can you send me an email with your order number? Otherwise, you can send it to us with all of your contact info and a brief description of the problem (e.g. refer us to this thread).

- Jan

I just saw your post on another thread that made it seem like you were programming the 3pi. Is it working for you now?

- Jan

Hi Jan,

the robot don’t works. We have ordered 3 robots 3pi :wink: (2 are running without problems).
After holidays, we send the robot to repair because the IC is very small for my hands.