Problem updating firmware of PGM02B

Hi There!

I’m Facing problem updating programmer firmware while following the instruction in

Image can be found below:
Could you please help me on this? I’m using PGM02B.

Hello, Ben.

I am sorry you are having trouble with the programmer.

Are you sure you checked the “Binary” checkbox in TeraTerm to transmit the file as a binary file? Could you try the firmware upgrade procedure again and see if it works this time?

Also, please use the “Upload Attachment” feature of this forum the next time you want to post an image here; it took me several minutes to load the images from that free image hosting site.


Hi David,

Thanks for your prompt reply. I’ve checked the binary checkbox but it doesn’t work. Now the red and green programmer status LEDs are keep lilting. Any other options that you can suggest to help?

I didn’t realise there is an Upload Attachment options since I’m new to here. Sorry for bringing trouble to u.

Thanks a lot!!!


Hi David,

I successfully loaded pgm02b_firmware_v1.4.pgm into my programmer.

Previously i load pgm03a_v1.07.pgm which is advised in

So i continue using v1.4 version instead of the latest one?



I am very glad that you got things working again. You are still confusing the two programmers. You have pgm02b, so the pgm03a firmware is not applicable for you. You should use pgm02b_firmware_v1.4.pgm.


That’s it!!! Thanks a lot David! You guys r just awesome in helping ppl by replying fast in this forum!