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Problem installing A-Star-Windows driver

Hello, I tried to install the A-Star driver (a-star-windows- for my new A-Star 32U4 Prime on two different Windows 10 machines. On both machines Windows gives the error “Install error / The INF file you selected does not support this method of installation / Operation not allowed in WOW64”. This was from right-clicking on a-star.inf > install. I also tried updating the driver manually in Device Manager but could not find the connected device in Ports. Thank you for any help.

Hello. I am sorry you are having trouble installing the A-Star 32U4 USB drivers. WOW64 refers to the part of Windows that lets you run 32-bit applications on a 64-bit machine. Could you make sure that you are right-clicking on the INF file and selecting “Install” from the File Explorer app (also known as Windows Explorer) that comes with Windows, and not any kind of third-party file explorer application?


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Thanks very much David, that worked. (Yes I was using a shell instead of File Explorer, never knew it didn’t like drivers, thanks for the tip).

In case it helps anyone else, I also had to try 3 different USB cables before one worked.