Problem fitting Futaba servo wheel to SpringRC servo

I am having trouble fitting the SpringRC servo to the Futaba servo wheels. They seem an extremely tight and the splines on the wheel get damaged very easily.

These two

Are these wheels definitely compatible?

Is there a way to make it easier to fit these parts together?

Is there a way to fix the spline in the wheel if damaged a little at the opening?



They should work together, and some fits will be a bit tighter than others. I am not sure how bad the spline damage you are talking about is, but it should not be something you have to worry about.

- Jan

I recently bought your Futaba hub wheels (one of each color) and two SpringRC servos. There is NO WAY that hub will press onto the SpringRC spline, nor onto a Futaba servo I have. The hub barely even catches when I rotate it on top of the spline; that is, I can only barely feel the teeth of the spline catching the grooves of the hub. It isn’t even close to a match. I couldn’t force it on with a mallet! Something’s wrong with the wheels.

I just tried a set, and it worked. Your description about the hub barely catching matched what I saw, but if you just push down with a little wiggling at one of those catching points, the wheel should go on snugly. I was able to do several cycles of putting the wheel on and off without any visible damage like that described by kimm. Can you try pushing it on harder?

- Jan

Maybe the tolerance of the wheels varies a lot, although the servo is a tight fit with futaba fittings as well.

The one I tried needed about 15kg of force to only get the wheel to go half on. It was very hard to pull off. I would not be suprised if the servo was damaged a bit.

Has anyone tried heating these wheels in hot water first?

I did get it on with an extraordinary amount of force, Jan, just because you said I could. No mallet required after all, but nothing like as easy as it ought to be. Hope that pressure doesn’t damage the servo OR the spline when I force a wheel on. I’m kind of leery about softening/expanding the wheel with hot water because that might throw it out of round. I’ll just brute-force it and hope for the best. Gonna get me a pet elephant or something.